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Sushi Menu

Fatty Tuna
Red Snapper
Salmon Roe
Sea Eel
Sea Urchin
Spanish Mackerel
Sweet Shrimp
Tuna Belly (Medium)
Tuna Belly (Regular)
Tuna Belly (Supreme)

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History of Sushi
Sushi has its roots in Southeast Asia. It has been modified for over 2000 years.
Edomae Sushi
Did you know that the sushi commonly known today is only a variation within  other  types of sushi?
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How to Make Sushi

Making Sushi
The nuts and bolts of making sushi. A brief explanation of how its done by the pros.
Making Sushi at Home
It's much easier than you think...And under half the price.
Learn to make 50 cent sushi for yourself.

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Sushi Class

Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Semi-Professional Level

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Sushi Roll Recipes

California Roll Recipe
The mother of fusion style sushi. Learn how to make this delicious roll.
Tuna Roll Recipe
The roll that started it all. Don't forget about this simple little roll.
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Sushi Nutrition Facts

Sushi Nutrition Facts
Know the basic nutritional components of sushi and you can adjust it to your diet.
Calories in Sushi (Traditional Nigiri)
Some figures on basic nigiri sushi.

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Sushi Info

How to Eat Sushi
Nothing special. Just some small details to keep in mind if you really want to.
Sushi Etiquette
Some unique etiquette that are used only for sushi.                                                        
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