How to Make Sushi - How to Make Nigiri Sushi - (Yokotegaeshi Kotegaeshi Tategaeshi Hontegaeshi)

Tategaeshi (Vertical Flip)

How to Make Nigiri Sushi (Variation 3)

Ingredient: Egg Omelette.

Tategaesshi Step 1  Tategaeshi Step 2
Complete the first basic steps of the nigiri sushi , and with the left palm,
squeeze both sides of the sushi rice to close the dimple.

Tategaeshi Step 3   Tategaeshi Step 4       
Have the right fingers ready to catch the sushi rice while the left hand
vertically flips the sushi. (The left thumb was used for stabilizing the rice for
the photo. If done quickly, it does not have to be used) Make sure to catch the
sushi rice and not the ingredient.

Tategaeshi Step 5   Tategaeshi Step 6    
Quickly transfer the sushi to the left palm and position the left thumb underneath
the ingredient and on top of the tip of the sushi rice.

Tategaeshi Step 7   
Press on the ingredient .

Tategaeshi Step 8   Tategaeshi Step 9
Rotate the sushi 180 degrees.

Tategaeshi Step 10   Tategaeshi Step 11
Once again, position the left thumb underneath the ingredient, and on the tip
of the sushi rice and gently press on top of the ingredient. (Done)

Tategaeshi Sushi
Kushi style egg nigiri sushi made by the tategaeshi method.