How to Make Sushi - How to Make Sushi Rolls - (Thin Roll Out-Thin Roll Thick Roll Out-Thick Roll Ship Roll Hand Roll)

How to Make Hand Rolls


Hand Roll 0   Hand Roll 1
Cut the nori in half (lengthwise) and snip about an inch off the bottom. (keep these pieces
for belts used for some nigiri sushi such as egg.) On half of the left side apply the sushi
rice as so. The top corner of the sushi rice should be located at about one third of the
width from the left .

Hand Roll 2   Hand Roll 3  
Place the ingredient on top of the sushi rice. Fold the nori as you wrap the ingredient with
the sushi rice.

Hand Roll 4   Hand Roll 5
Pull the other side of the nori, and tightly wrap the remaining around the sushi so it forms a
cone. The nori does not have to be sealed if eaten immediately. 

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