How to Make Sushi - How to Make Sushi Rolls - (Thin Roll Out-Thin Roll Thick Roll Out-Thick Roll Ship Roll Hand Roll)

How to Make Sushi Rolls (2)

How to Make Outside Thin Rolls (Uramaki)

Outside Thin Roll 1   Outside Thin Roll 2
Cut the nori in 1/3 lengthwise. You need less nori when making outside rolls.  Use
one third of a sheet and spread the sushi rice on the rough side as seen in the photo. Leave
a strip of open space (3/4 in) on the top. The thickness of the rice should be about 1/10 of
an inch. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on the sushi mat (makisu) and flip the nori so the
open strip is facing away from you. Leave a little gap between the edge of the nori and the
edge of the sushi mat.

Outside Thin Roll 3   Outside Thin Roll 4
Fill in the gap with sushi rice. This extra sushi rice will merge with the edge of the sushi
rice underneath the nori. Notice the small wall on the edge of the sushi rice on the edge.
This wall (ramp)should be  about 1/10 inch thick and 3/4 inch high .This area will merge
with the open strip of nori on the other side, so the cut section of the outside sushi roll will
have the nori shaped as a closed circle and not a helix or a pattern like the number
'6' or '9'.

Outside Thin Roll 5   Outside Thin Roll 6
Place the ingredient in the center of the nori. Pinch the sushi mat and close the gap
between the open nori strip and the the extra sushi rice. The extra sushi rice should land
on top of the open nori strip.

Outside Thin Roll 7 
Tighten the sushi mat and shape into a circle.

 Outside Sushi Roll 8   Outside Thin Roll 9
Release the sushi roll and take the plastic wrap off.  Wet the sashimi knife and cut into
6 pieces.

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