How to Make Sushi - How to Make Sushi Rolls - (Thin Roll Out-Thin Roll Thick Roll Out-Thick Roll Ship Roll Hand Roll)

How to Make Sushi Rolls (3)

How to Make Thick Rolls (Futomaki)

Thick Roll 1   Thick Roll 2
Face the shiny side of the nori down, and the length (the longer side) of the nori facing you.
Apply the sushi rice as so. Leave about an 1/2 inch of open strip on the top. The thickness
of the rice should be about half an inch.

Thick Roll 3   Thick Roll 4
Notice the small wall on the edge of the sushi rice on the edge of the sushi mat. This wall
should be about 1/2 inch thick and 1/2 inch high . This area will merge with the open strip
of nori on the top, so the cut section of the sushi roll will have the nori shaped as a perfect
circle and not a helix or a pattern like the number '6' or '9'.  Place the ingredient(s) spread
out widely as possible on the sushi rice.

Thick Roll 5   Thick Roll 6
Roll the sushi with the sushi mat. There are two steps of gripping involed in rolling
First, merge both ends of the sushi rice and tuck in the tip of the sushi rice over
the open strip of nori and grip lightly. (See How to Make Thin Sushi Rolls (image 6) for
the position of the sushi roll and the sushi mat for this first grip. Release and flatten out the
sushi mat with the sushi roll remaining on it. Now "roll" (by pushing) the sushi roll away
from you on the opened sushi mat so the remaining open strip of nori faces down. Once
again, use the sushi mat and grip tightly (right image).

Thick Roll 7   Thick Roll 8   
Let the sushi roll rest on the remaining nori strip so it seals. Wet the sashimi knife and
slice into 8 pieces.

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