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How to Make Tempura Crunches

Tenkasu or Agedama

Tempura crunches are usually tempura by-products (tenkasu), but they can be made separately as well.  Make tempura crunches when you get a chance to make tempura. Tempura cruches are used to garnish crunchy rolls, all sorts of  other fusion type sushi rolls.

How to Make Tempura Crunch   How to Make Tempura Crunch2
Use chocksticks or a fork and drip batter into hot oil. This will create beads (agedama).
For longer or deformed crunch's whip the chopstick or fork sideways as you drop the
batter in the hot oil.

How to Make Tempura Crunch 3   How to Make Tempura Crunch 4
Scoop the tempura crunches and drain on a paper towel.