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Sushi Ingredients

Sushi ingredients are widely divided into four categories. These are the main ingredient (neta) such as raw fish, the sushi rice (shari), condiments (yakumi), and  seasonings (soy sauce, sea salt) .

Main Ingredient (Neta)

The main ingredient is mainly raw seafood. There are other non-seafood ingredients, but they are mostly complimentary ingredients. The main ingredients can be categorized into the following:

Other Seafood
Sushi Rice (Shari)

The sushi rice is a mixture of cooked Japanese rice and a blended sushi vinegar, which consists of rice vinegar, salt, sugar, rice wine, sweet rice wine, and kelp. They are mixed with the rice to enhance the flavors of the main ingredient.

Japanese Short Grain Rice Kome
Rice Vinegar Su
Rice Wine Sake
Sweet Rice Wine Mirin
Sugar Satou
Kelp Kombu
Condiments (Yakumi)

Yakumi directly translates to “medicinal flavor”. As the name implies, most of them have strong anti-bacterial properties. Although wasabi is generally used, there are many other variations tailored to each main ingredient.

Wasabi Japanese Horse Radish
Shoga Ginger
Negi  Scallion
Shiso Perilla Leaf
Umeboshi Pickled Plum
Yuzu Japanese Citrus
Sudachi Japanese Citrus

Kabosu Japanese Citrus

(Condiments used in New Style Sushi)
Asatsuki Chive
Myoga Myoga Ginger Bud
Yuzu Kosho Grated Green Chili & Yuzu Peels
Momiji Oroshi Grated Red Chili & Daikon Radish 

(Condiments Used in Fusion Style Sushi)
Chili Oil  
Japanese Mayonnaise
Sriracha Sauce
Seasonings (Chomiryo)

The basic seasoning for sushi is soy sauce. Sometimes sea salt is used instead to taste the ingredient's full flavors. Ponzu, or soy sauce blended with citrus is frequently used for ligher tasting fishses. The soy sauce can also be blended with other ingredients depending on the chef's taste.

Soy Sauce
Ponzu Soy Sauce Blended with Japanese Citrus

(Seasonings used in Fusion Style Sushi)
 "One Spice" Red Chili Powder
 "Seven Spice" Red Chili Powder