Sushi - Sushi Nutrition Facts - Calories in Sushi (Traditional Nigiri)

Calories in Sushi (Traditional Nigiri)

While sushi calories may vary by their sizes, there are minimal deviations. Here are a list of an average piece (1) of nigiri sushi and their caloric value.  
AbaloneShellfish34 cal
AlbacoreFish38 cal
Arc ShellShell Fish34 cal
CrabCrustacean35 cal
EelFish65 cal
EggNon-Seafood40 cal
GeoduckShellfish31 cal
Gizzard ShadFish37 cal
HalibutFish34 cal
MackerelFish40 cal
OctopusOther Seafood34 cal
Red SnapperFish34 cal
SalmonFish37 cal
Salmon RoeRoe50 cal
ScallopShellfish34 cal
Sea Eel Fish60 cal
Sea UrchinRoe40 cal
ShrimpCrustacean33 cal
Spanish MackerelFish36 cal
Squid Other Seafood35 cal
Sweet ShrimpCrustacean32 cal
TunaFish37 cal
Tuna BellyFish55 cal
YellowtailFish55 cal

With the exception of eel, all ingredients are very low in saturated fat. The shellfish, and white fishes have minimal amount saturated fat (as well as saturated fat), and accounts for their lower calories.

Next come the red fishes, or mainly tuna and yellowtail. Salmon, tuna belly, and the blue fishes (mackerel, gizzard shad) have higher caloric value due to their high unsaturated fat content, and they are the most beneficial fish that you can eat to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system since they lower cholesterol levels. Sushi calories should not be given too much concern. All around, they are all healthy, if eaten moderately. An average person should be satisfied with about 10 pieces of nigiri , or 400 calories at the most.