Sushi - Sushi Class - Advanced Level

Sushi Class: Advanced Level

In this level of making sushi at home, we will explain how to perfect the sushi rice to its maximum, and teach how to make the nigiri by the vertical flip method (tategaseshi) method, making a thick roll (futomaki), and the outside roll (sotomaki). You will blend your own sushi rice vinegar from scratch and use Japanese short grain rice to make the best sushi rice possible. Japanese charcoal and kelp will be used to further refine the taste of the rice.

Things to prepare: 

Sashimi Knife substitutes: long, extra sharp knife
Rice Cooker (If you don’t have one, you can perfectly cook rice with a pot)
Japanese Short Grain Rice
Mineral Water
Kelp (Kombu)
Japanese Charcoal (Binchotan)
Rice Vinegar
Sea Salt
White Sugar or Sweet Rice Wine (Mirin)
Rice Wine (Sake)
Sushi Bucket (Sushi Oke, Hangiri)
Rice Paddle (Shamoji)
Hand Fan (substitutes: magazine or a cardboard)

Extra Details for Advanced Level:

Blend sushi rice vinegar. By using the pre-mixed sushi rice vinegars in the previous levels, you should have some opinions towards it by now. Is it too sweet? Too sour? Now you can make a sushi rice vinegar far superior to the generic ones by blending your own.

Use mineral water and add charcoal, and kelp when cooking the rice. Discard charcoal and kelp after the rice is cooked.

Lets begin:

Make sushi rice with your own sushi rice vinegar.

Vertical Flip Method
Thick Roll
Outside Thin Roll
Outside Thick Roll

Common mistakes and remedies:

Rice sticks to the plastic wrap when I make an outside roll:

You are not squeezing too hard. The outside roll requires more strength in rolling the sushi so the rice mashes and sticks together and becomes a casing. Nothing is to be applied to the plastic wrap. You just have to squeeze harder (but not too hard).