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Kabosu is cultivated in the Oita prefecture located in the Kyushu region (southern Japan). Within this area, the ones from the Takeda region are the best quality. Kabosu has a high hesperidin content compared to other citrus and is known to prevent blood clots, and lower cholesterol.

Kabosu and Sudachi
Kabosu (left) and Sudachi (right)

Kabosu is often mistaken with sudachi, but it is 2 tp 3 times in size. They are harvested during the autumn season, and used both in the ripe and unripe stage. They are mainly used to flavor grilled items and stew. When juicing ripe kabosu, the skin is left on, but when green and unripe, it may add a slight bitterness to the juice so they are peeled before hand. Their juices are blended with other citrus to make poznu as well.