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Myoga Ginger

Myoga is in the same genus as shoga (ginger) and they are believed to be imported into Japan together over a thousand years ago. The whole plant is edible, but the flower bud of the myoga is commonly used as a conidment.The myoga has a weaker spice, but stronger fragrance compared to the shoga, and therefore the names meuka (older brother fragrance), was given to the myoga, and seuka (younger sister fragrance) to the shoga. These original given names are archaic pronunciations in Japanese and they have evolved into their present terms.

Sliced Myoga

Myoga, has a very strong and crisp fragrance. It also has a slight bitter taste to it. It is seldom used in sushi, but can be matched with stronger flavored fish that have high oil content. They are used by thinly slicing them.

 Myoga is a powerful antioxidant, and has mild anti-bacterial properties.