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Sudachi is a citrus local to the Tokushima prefecture Shikoku region which is located in southern central Japan. They are expensive outside this region since they are not grown anywhere else. Local medical research has found out that Sudachi prevents spikes in blood sugar level and are beneficial to patients with diabetes. Sudachi is often mistaken with the yuzu but it is mcuh smaller in size,and the have a smoother skin.

Yuzu and Sudachi
(left) and Sudachi (right)

Sudachi begin to grow during the autumn and harvested before they become ripe since the peels are strongest in aroma during this stage. They are the smallest citrus (about the size of a golf ball) used in Japanese cuisine and often used to season grilled fish (especially Pacific Saury which are in season at the same period) right after they are cooked. The peels are grated and used as a condiment, but it is only local to the Shikoku area and not widely used throughout Japan. Sudachi juice are also added to soy sauce and used to dip ingredients from a steamboat dish (hot pot). The juice are also blended with other citrus juices to make ponzu as well. Since sudachi are used in the unripe stage, the skin are peeled before juicing them to prevent the juice from getting a slight bitter taste.