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Amberjack (Kanpachi)

Seriola dumerili

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Amberjack is a shusse uo , or "promoting fish", which is a fish that changes its name (in Japanese fishing terminology) according to its age. Kanpachi is the amberjack's most mature stage.

Shokko 1 ft
Shiogo 2 ft
Akahana 3 ft
Kanpachi Over 4ft

The amberjack is a carnivore that feeds on smaller fish. It can grow up to 7 ft and weigh over 200 lbs. Many fish have different names in Japanese to distinguish their taste as well. The Amberjack is one of the few fishes that taste good throughout its whole life. The Shokko, which can be caught in Autumn is a seasonal delicacy. During the infant stage, the amberjack has a pattern similar to the symbol “8” in the middle of its face, therefore received the name kanpachi , or “center eight”.

The amberjack is also good as a sashimi, carpaccio, bouilabaisse, grilled (salt or teriyaki), or fried with bread crumbs.