Sea Bass (Suzuki)

Lateolabrax japonicus

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Sea Bass is a shusseuo or a promoting fish, which have different names according to their age.


Hikarigo6  months2 in
Koppa1 year5 in
Seigo 2 years10 in
Fukko3 years1 ft
Suzuki 4 years2 ft
The name suzuki is is believed to have come from the word washed, or susugi. The sea bass is known to have a clean white flesh and the sashimi is beautiful compared to other white fishes. Contrary to its name, the sea bass is a very tough fish and can withstand mild pollution. For this reason sea bass that were caught in industrial areas (they don’t make it to the fish markets) smelled of a hint of crude oil. 

Sea bass is a popular sushi fish, but it is more appreciated as an arai (rinsed sashimi). The flesh becomes very turgid, and is more favored than a regular sashimi.