Tuna (Maguro)

Thunnus orientalis (Blue Fin Tuna)

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Archeological sites have discovered that tuna has been consumed raw in the Japanese islands for nearly 5000 years. Out of them all, the blue fin tuna, or the hon maguro is the favorite choice in Japan. The blue fin tuna swims the in the deepest cold currents out of all tunas, and has the most firm texture of them all. It also develops a fatty belly section that is enjoyed as a delicacy. The tuna has the highest fat content during the winter season. The blue fin tuna can grow up to over 7 ft and weigh over 600lbs. Some tuna were auctioned off at the fish market for about $60,000 a piece.

The tuna has two main cuts. The regular tuna and tuna belly (fatty tuna). The tuna belly sections are more expensive than the regular cuts since they are highly valued these days, and they only consist of 25 to 35% of the whole tuna.

The blue fin tuna has a cobalt colored back and a silver belly. The eyes look extremely black and shiny against the silver face, and it is believed that the name maguro was derived from the term meguro (black eye).