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Abalone Sushi

Abalone Sushi

Awabi Sushi

Abalone is a prized shellfish in Asian countries, and there is no exception with Japan. Abalone is considered a delicacy and a bit pricey. It is very crunchy and full of sea aroma when consumed raw. Some good sushi restaurants will puree the liver (male have dark brown color, and female have a green color) with soy sauce and rice wine to create a wonderful sauce just meant for the abalone sushi.

Early Edo style sushi used to steam abalone with rice wine and then lightly glaze them with tsume sauce. This prevented them from spoiling quickly, but changed the abalone from a firm and crunchy texture full of aromas, to a soft and chewy texture with deeper flavors. When the abalone is steamed, the strong aroma is lost, but the flavors become more apparent in this type of preparation.

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Popular styles for abalone sushi: Nigiri  
Popular condiments for abalone: Wasabi (Sweet soy sauce when steamed)
Category: Shellfish (Kairui)