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Amberjack Sushi

Amberjack Sushi

Kanpachi Sushi

In Japanese sushi terminology, the amberjack is is grouped as one of  the "Big Three Yellowtails "  which consist of  yellowtailyellowtail amberjack, and the amberjack. They are all considered luxury fishes. All are of the same genus, and only differ slightly. The amberjack is considered best during the Summer. Compared to it's cousins, it is lower in oil, and  the flesh is a little softer. It has a pale white flesh and because of its delicate taste, it is sometimes aged in the refrigerator for about 1~2 days to intensify the flavors. Amberjack tastes refreshing when consumed with salt and citrus.

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Popular style for amberjack sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for amberjack sushi: Wasbi, or Salt and Yuzu
Category: Red Fish(Akami)