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Black Sea Bream Sushi

Black Sea Bream Sushi

Kurodai Sushi

Black sea bream is translated to “Black Snapper” in Japanese. They replace the red snapper in restaurants during summer and autumn, since the red snapper is in season from late winter to spring. The black sea bream looks exactly like the red snapper except its silver black skin.

The black sea bream swims up to the rivers of the deltas so they have a slight scent similar to strong seaweed that is unique to fresh water fish,  so salt and citrus is favored for some people who are sensitive to them. They are inferior to the red snapper (sushi wise) and are worth half the price but they are enjoyed by many who like white fishes.

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Popular styles for black sea bream sushi: Nigiri

Popular condiments for black sea bream sushi: Wasabi, or sea salt and yuzu
Category: White Fish (Shiromi)