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Bonito Sushi

Bonito Sushi

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Bonito is one of the earliest ingredients of the Edo style sushi. They have the highest fat content beginning in fall, which is their season. During the Edo period, it was trendy to eat bonito in the early summer to enjoy the lean taste, and wait for them to become plump during the fall and enjoy them again. This had more to do with enjoying the seasonal changes, but the Edo culture was known for their busy lifestyle, and some other regions in Japan ridiculed them for eating the bonito to early.

Bonito has a very strong blood scent close to meat, and they have to be extra fresh for sushi. The loins are quickly grilled with the skin on, and shocked in ice water to constrict the flesh, which makes the bonito very chunky and favorable. They are accompanied with grated ginger and scallions to neutralize the strong smell.

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Popular styles for bonito sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for bonito sushi: Shoga, Negi
Category: Red Fish (Akami)