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Gizzard Shad Sushi

Gizzard Shad Sushi

Kohada Sushi

Gizzard shad is one of the shiny fishes and considered very healthy. It is one of the original Edo stye sushi ingredients. It is cured with salt for an hour or so, and then lightly washed with rice vinegar before it is prepared. As with all other shiny fish, it is served with all the skin on. The scales are removed and the opaque surface skin which is tough to chew, is peeled prior to preparation. Gizzard shad has a strong flavor, and medium oil content.

The Shinko is the infant term of the gizzard shad (please see description of gizzard shad) and they are very prized for their seasonality. They are caught during the spring, and are much more delicate both in texture and taste than the widely used kohada. Since they are small (about 2in in length) two whole fishes are butterfiled and used for one nigiri.  The kohada  is the  stage  following the shinko, and uses two fillets (one fish) for a nigiri.  The nakazumi, which is the next stage requires one fillet (half a fish). Nevertheless, the term kohada is generally used for all stages of gizzard shad.

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Popular style for gizzard shad sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for gizzard shad sushi: Wasabi
Specialty: Shinko
Category: Shiny Fish (Hikarimono)