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Halibut Sushi

Halibut Sushi

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Halibut is a very popular fish for sushi, and it is usually ordered in the beginning for its light taste. It is very delicate in taste and the sashimi style preparation is prized in Japan. Halibut can be prepared in three basic ways. Fresh, aged (chilled for a couple of hours in the refrigerator) or kobujime (please see red snapper sushi for these preparation methods).

Halibut has its famous engawa, which means an exterior hallway on the side of a traditional Japanese house. In the halibut’s case, it refers to the thin muscle of the dorsal fin which is located on the side of the Halibut. This part of the halibut is very developed compared to the rest of the body and unlike the regular flesh of the halibut, it has a higher fat content which makes it a delicacy. It is very soft and chewy and more concentrated in flavor.

Halibut Engawa Sushi

Engawa Sushi

Halibut has a barely detectable earthy tone, since it lives on the sands of the ocean beds. Fresh tasting condiments such as grated radish with red chili pepper, sliced scallions, and citrus soy sauce are used in case customers may be sensitive to it. 

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Popular styles for halibut sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for halibut sushi: Momiji Oroshi, Negi, Ponzu
Special sections: Engawa
Category: White Fish (Shiromi)