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Medium Tuna Belly Sushi

Medium Tuna Belly Sushi

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Medium tuna belly is the upper belly section (toro in general) of the tuna. It is considered a delicacy. It is also not as oily as the tuna belly (toro), or the supreme tuna belly (otoro), but it is much creamier than the regular tuna sashimi. Some people consider the medium tuna belly better than the more expensive tuna bellies (toro, otoro) for its lighter taste and the fact that the flavors of the tuna are more apparent.

Medium tuna belly is usually made as a nigiri. Nothing special is done to it, for it is perfect left alone.

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Popular style for medium tuna belly sushi: Nigiri

Popular condiments for medium tuna belly sushi:Wasabi
Category: Red Fish (Akami)