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Raw Black Tiger Shrimp Sushi
Raw Kuruma Shrimp Sushi

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Shrimp is one of the original Edomae sushi ingredients, and it is usually poached before it is prepared although it is better steamed, since it locks the flavors inside. It is a very basic sushi that doesn’t get the reputation that it deserves. Originally it was made with the now pricey kuruma shrimp (wheel shrimp). The kuruma shrimp is  juicer, and has a sweeter aroma and competes well with a lobster. Poor preparation due to negligence, and the recent use of smaller shrimps (such as bay shrimp) has made the shrimp sushi become rather ordinary. The Black Tiger shrimp is the best alternative to the kuruma shrimp since they are in the same genus. Though a bit smaller, and lighter in taste, it can be made into a fine sushi.

Black Tiger Shrimp Sushi

Although shrimp may be considered the economical sushi, there really are no ranks within sushi ingredients. All ingredients were prepared and equally treated to bring out the true flavors to its limit. Shrimp is considered one of the tastiest ingredients in sushi, if it is prepared correctly. It is sad to see less and less true shrimp sushi these days.

It is a delicacy for shrimp to be prepared raw in sushi. Though some connoisseurs may go after it for the fresh taste, shrimp is considered to be the tastiest when lightly heated and medium rare, since the sweet flavor is magnified. If it is poached too long, the flesh becomes too hard, and the flavors are bled out into the boiling water and you are left with a rubbery piece of shrimp. When consumed raw (which has to be extra fresh), shrimp has a slight metallic aftertaste that lingers on your palate and can mask the tastes of the following sushi that you may eat. Therefore raw shrimp is usually served as a sashimi in Japanese cuisine, prepared by lightly washing it in chilled water (arai method) and served with citrus and herbs to counter the after taste.

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Popular style for shrimp sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for shrimp sushi: Wasabi (Shoga, is an alternative for raw shrimp )
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