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Spanish Mackerel Sushi

Spanish Mackerel Sushi

Aji Sushi

Spanish mackerel is an inexpensive fish like other shiny fishes, however it is one of the tastiest, and healthiest fish. The word aji is phonetically identical to the word “taste” in Japanese, and is believed to bare its name for a good taste, and was a popular fish for the lower class for its affordable price. It is a small fish that can only create 2~6 pieces of sushi. The Spanish mackerel family is distinct for having a unique zipper like scale (zeigo) that runs along its long side.

The small size of the Spanish mackerel makes it possible to keep many of them alive in small water tanks at sushi restaurants and be prepared as sushi in its most freshest form. It is considered best when it is plump and has a mild oily texture. Spanish mackerel is usually accompanied with fresh grated ginger, and sliced scallions to bring out the sweetness while counteracting its rather rich oils to leave a light aftertaste on the palate. Citrus soy sauce is frequently used with Spanish mackerel.

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Popular styles for Spanish mackerel sushi: Nigiri

Popular condiments for Spanish mackerel sushi: Ponzu. Shoga, Negi

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