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Squid Sushi

Squid Sushi

Ika Sushi

Squid is a difficult sushi to prepare into a nigiri. It is very stiff compared to fishes, and the sushi rice doesn’t settle with it so easily. The tategaeshi method(vertical flip) is used when made into a nigiri which uses less flipping on the hand and prevents the squid from falling off the sushi rice during preparation. Vertical slits are made on the squid so it is easier to create the arch on top of the sushi.

When the squid is extra fresh, it is translucent. The sushi rice and wasabi are visible underneath the flesh of the squid sushi. But this does not last very long, and it becomes opaque white very quickly, so it doesn’t mean it is old if it is opaque.

Squid requires to be chewed more than other fishes. The more you chew, the more flavors will come out. It becomes a creamy texture and coats your mouth with its sweet flavors. Grated ginger or perilla leaf is often accompanied with squid as well.

A normal squid sushi uses the mantle or the hood of the squid. Some people prefer the tentacles which are poached. This is called ika geso or squid leg.

Squid Leg Sushi
Squid Leg Sushi

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Popular style for squid sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for squid sushi: Wasabi, Shoga, Shiso
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