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Surf Clam Sushi

Surf Clam Sushi

Hokkigai Sushi

Surf clams have a mild ocean aroma, and the flesh is soft and chewy. It is soft in flavors, and the sweet aromas become more evident after it is chewed for a while.

The body of the surf clam is placed in a bowl of sea water to expel sand. After the body is taken out of the shell, the valves, connector muscles, and insides are removed and discarded. The remaining flesh is shocked in ice water by the arai method, and butterflied.
Surf clam is often used boiled in some casual sushi restaurants that use the less expensive smaller types. The tip becomes bright red after it is lightly simmered. The sweet aromas are lost, but instead, the sweet flavors of the flesh are brought out. They become slightly rubbery, but still soft enough to match with the sushi rice. It is preferred in people who want to enjoy the taste rather than the aromas.   

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Popular style for surf clam sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for surf clam sushi: Wasabi
Category: Shellfish (Kairui)