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Octopus (Tako)

Octopus vulgaris

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Octopus are in season during the winter. They are known to grab things that are white so white colored bait is used. Another ancient method to catch octopus is to set traps in the water. These traps are jars made of clay, and octopus have instincts to hide in small areas so if they are nearby, it is very easy to catch.

Cooking octopus requires a lot of attention. It must be massaged for a fair amount of time before it is poached. The best way to poach an octopus is to simmer in low heat for a very long period. However some restaurants use tonic water to speed the process. If the octopus turns out too hard and rubbery, then dried soy beans are added and simmered again to soften it.

Raw octopus or sashimi is often regarded as a trendy dish, but it is not very tasty. Raw octopus is extremely bland, and hardly has any taste. The legs of the octopus are skinned and then sliced paper thin to be able to bite easily. The sashimi are transparent and look like medallions made of glass, which makes the dish look pleasing.