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Spicy Scallop Roll Recipe

Spicy Scallop 1

Spicy scallop tends to slip out of regular rolls that are cut, so it is often made into a hand roll or a ship roll. A plain mayonnaise version is popular as well.

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Chopped Scallop or Baby Scallop
Spicy Sauce
Japanese Cucumbers (substitute with regular cucumbers)
Sliced Scallions
Sushi Rice

Spicy Scallop 2   Spicy Scallop 3
Roughly chop the scallops and transfer to a bowl. Add the spicy sauce and scallions.

Spicy Scallop 4   Spicy Scallop 5
Mix Throughly. For a hand roll set up the ingredients as so. (Shiso leaf is optional)

Spicy Scallop 6   Spicy Scallop 7
Spicy Scallop Hand Roll.                                    Spicy Scallop Ship Roll with Julienned Shiso.