Spicy Sauce Recipe

The spicy sauce is used in many fusion style sushi rolls. It consists of Japanese mayonnaise, and a red chili condiment. There are a two variations of the spicy sauce and they taste a little different so it is nice to choose what you feel tastes best. Japanese mayonnaise tastes different than other mayonnaise, since it is made of rice vinegar, but you can try other mayonnaises as well. The chili oil used are also Japanese. Chinese chili oil tends to have a stronger peanut oil flavor and may overpower the sauce. Some chefs make the spicy sauce with the Sriracha sauce from Thailand. This sauce is made from vinegar, red chili, garlic, and sugar. Using this ingredient may make the spicy sauce slightly watery, but it becomes bold with the garlic flavor.

In addition to the main sauce, some optional ingredients such as the ichimi or shichimi pepper flakes, and smelt roe are added for extra texture.

Spicy Sauce Recipe 1     Spicy Sauce Recipe 2
Variation 1 (Original)                                            Variation 2

Japanese Mayonnaise                                                Japanese Mayonnaise
Japanese Chili Oil                                                      Sriracha Sauce  

Optional Ingredients (Made with Variation 1):

Spicy Mayonaise Recipe 3   Spicy Mayonnaise Recipe 4   Spicy Mayonnaise 5 
Ichimi Pepper                             Shichimi Pepper                        Smelt Roe (Masago)